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Scramble With Friends: An Instant Hit

Zynga wins again with its sequel game Scramble With Friends.

The Boggle-style word game has taken the casual gaming scene by storm since its release in January.

Scramble With Friends is still trailing the ever-popular Words With Friends in terms of sheer numbers, but the game is a hit—and a moneymaker.

Scramble With Friends is currently the 16th highest grossing app for the Apple devices, and was in the top-five brand in the Apple store last month.

The actual number of Scramble With Friends aficionados is yet to be measured, and Zynga is keeping the number a secret. According to Facebook data, however, the Scramble With Friends database has already reach 3.4 million players.

Scramble With Friends gameplay is pretty simple. Players challenge friends or strangers to see who can find the most words in a jumbled group of 16 letters over three 2-minute rounds. Words can be formed vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

As with every Zynga game, there are always bonuses. In Scramble With Friends, there is a trio of power-ups:

  • Time Freeze—Buys you precious extra seconds to find words
  • Inspiration—Suggests words when you’re unable to find any more
  • Scramble—Rearranges the letters to give you a different perspective

Scramble With Friends is addictive—and Zynga knows it. To play a game, and use more than one power-up, you’ll have to use in-game tokens.

Scramble With Friends is available as a free, ad-supported download or paid (USD $0.99) version. As with any Zynga game, you can also buy packs of tokens for prices ranging from $1 to $25.

The New Cat: Mountain Lion OS X

Apple’s newest addition to the herd—Mountain Lion—promises to give users the unified experience they’ve been craving.

Announced on Feb. 16, Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest version of OS X, is more than just an update to fix bugs and glitches. Now, all Macs that run Mountain Lion OS X are one big step closer to devices that run iOS, such as the iPad or iPhone.

Mountain Lion (v 10.8) puts many of the features born in iOS 5 right on the desktop of OS X. Additions such as Notes, Reminders and iMessage are strictly functional. Others, such as iCloud and Game Center, spread content across your Apple-integrated universe.

Mountain Lion also delivers a new security feature that keeps Apple at the forefront of malware protection.

The final version of Mountain Lion will be released this summer. An early version highlights some of the features that will be available to users, such as:

  • iMessages—Replaces the iChat app and provides users with a familiar interface.
  • Reminders—Make to-do lists, set alerts and push your information to all your Apple devices.
  • Notes—A similar interface, but enhanced for use on a Mac computer.
  • Notifications—Receive notices when you get emails, texts, FaceTime calls, etc.
  • Twitter integration—Tweet directly from a variety of apps.
  • iCloud integration—Sync all of your devices and keep your important information all in one, virtual space.
  • Game Center—Personalize your gaming experience and discover new games.
  • Share Sheets—Share photos, videos, and links within this convenient app.
  • AirPlay Mirroring—Present what’s on your Mac on an HDTV via Apple TV.
  • Gatekeeper—Designate the origin of apps, including third-party sources.
Google Translate, iPhone Save Man’s Life

Apple’s iPhone has probably gotten you out of a lot of jams in the past.

From helping you find your way when you’re lost to remembering anniversaries, the iPhone really is like a mini-personal assistant in the palm of your hand.

But would you have ever thought that your iPhone could save a man’s life?

Yes, the iPhone, combined with Google Translate app, helped save a Chinese man who was suffering from a diabetic reaction while driving.

We must of course give credit to the Oregon highway patrolmen, who’s quick-thinking and technology helped officers determine the reason the man was driving erractically.

After several reports of an impaired driver heading westbound on 1-84 in north-Central Oregon, two officers decided to pull the man over, according to KVAL.com.

The man was definitely impaired—but not in the way that could land you in jail. To make things more difficult, the man only spoke Chinese.

In order to get to the bottom of the problem, one of the officers grabbed his iPhone and fired up the Google Translate app. The man was able to speak into the phone and the app translated his Chinese to English.

The officers were able to determine that the man was having a diabetic reaction due to high blood sugar. Medical personnel were quickly called and the man was treated at a nearby hospital.

Incidents like these certainly highlight the value of technology, and how smartphones have opened doors toward making our lives easier. Just think how this situation could’ve turned out without the help of this technology!

Words With Friends With Benefits?

Zynga’s Words With Friends has become quite a popular word game.

First, Alec Baldwin got kicked off his flight for refusing to power off his cell phone while playing the addictive Scrabble-like game.

Then came the dozens of celebrity tweets—including Rainn Wilson and Terrell Owens—sharing their Words With Friends handle, or sharing their sympathy with Mr. Baldwin’s latest addiction.

So that left the whole world thinking “What is this game that’s got a hold of everyone?”

Those not already furiously concocting words or trying to get rid of that dreaded letter Q since the game’s release in 2009 soon found out the reason behind the madness.

A recent survey Zynga conducted of 100,000 Words With Friends players showed that there might be more benefits from playing Words With Friends than we thought before.

While ‘triple word score’ and romance might not go hand-in-hand, Words With Friends players say quite the contrary. Zynga’s word combat game has been used for dating, flirting and even cheating.

Here’s some interesting highlights from Zynga’s survey:

  • Say My [User] Name: 24% of players have exchanged their Words With Friends handle instead of a phone number.
  • Words With Benefits: One out of ten players say that Words With Friends has led directly to a hookup.
  • You’ve Got a HUGE…Vocabulary: 38% of players said they’d be more willing to hook up with someone if they’re good at Words With Friends
  • Single and Ready to M-I-N-G-L-E: 40% of players said they would date someone they met through the game.
  • I’m a Player and I Just Crush a Lot: 47% of players say they are crushing on someone they are playing Words With Friends with right now.
  • Have Mercy: 35% of players said they let their sweetheart win.
  • Before He Cheats: 43% of players said they have cheated on someone…in the game.

So get flirty, er wordy, this Valentine’s Day! Play some Words With Friends with your special someone—you never know where it could lead!

Amazon Expands Instant Video Library

Look out Netflix—Amazon Prime Instant Videos is the new kid on the streaming block!

With all the hoo-haw that the Netflix price change caused last year, there’s been a lot of talk about who could replace the video and streaming giant. Amazon Prime Instant Videos might just have the answer.

Amazon’s recent addition of Viacom shows to their streaming service brings their Prime Instant Videos library to 15,000 titles.

While this is a minor ding to Netflix’s, it certainly does give them something to think about.

The addition of Viacom shows would mean that Amazon Prime members would be able to access Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and BET shows.

While Netflix’s stock of TV shows is formidable, Amazon’s offerings will be different than what Netflix has to offer.

Also, Amazon appears to be closing the gap with Netflix and adding titles at a much faster rate at this point in the service’s development than Netflix did at an equivalent period.

Amazon has also already obtained shows from Fox, Disney, Warner Bros., and CBS.

Netflix stands firm that both Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus’s offering is a mere fraction of their content. But what it does show people is that there are other options outside of the Netflix giant.

Google Chrome Comes To Android

Google released a beta version of its Chrome browser for Android today—a big step that marries 2 of Google’s most important programming projects.

Chrome for Android is available in the Android Market. This allows people to download Chrome for Android without waiting for handset makers to offer it through an operating system upgrade.

One caveat, however, is that Chrome for Android relies on newer hardware acceleration interfaces, meaning it only works on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Although most newer phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, run on Ice Cream Sandwich, it does remain a rarity in the current smartphone world.

Chrome for Android includes the desktop version’s tabbed browsing system, and also includes gesture-based controls for moving among the multiple tabs.

Chrome for Android also synchronizes with desktop versions of Chrome, allowing users to access their saved bookmarks, Web address autocompletes, and more.

The release of Chrome for Android is also important for tablets—the browser will display with tabs. Chrome’s aim was for users’ experience to be as close to desktops as possible.

With its performance and features, Google expects Android users to increase their mobile browser activity.

“In general, we have seen usage go up,” said Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president of Chrome and Apps. “I expect to see more people use the mobile Web.”

Currently, Google estimates that 1 in 7 request for the search engine come from a mobile device or tablet. Google only hopes to increase that number with Chrome for Android.

Get 5GB Of Free Dropbox Space

Have you been looking for a cloud storage solution for your photos and videos? Dropbox might just have what you’re looking for.

If you’re willing to be a guinea pig for Dropbox, you can take advantage of the popular cloud storage’s latest offer.

Dropbox accounts normally get 2GB of storage space with free accounts, but those who test a new automatic uploads feature can get as much as 5GB of cloud storage.

To take advantage of the odder, you have to run a beta version of Dropbox’s software, and you have to try a feature that automatically uploads photos and videos to Dropbox.

“For every 500MB of photos and videos automatically uploaded, you’ll receive another 500MB bonus space, up to a total of 4.5GB,” a forum post said. “You can get up to 5GB of free space with this feature, if you count the initial 500MB space for the first photo import.”

The new feature imports photos from cameras, mobile phones, and SD cards plugged into a computer.

For those who don’t want to upload multiple gigabytes, Dropbox will give you 500MB of free bonus space on the first photo import.

Facebook Files For $5 Billion IPO

“Will they?” or “Won’t they?”  Facebook has finally answered the hotly debated question by officially filing for an IPO on Wed., Feb. 1.

Facebook filed papers announcing its $5 billion initial public offering of stock in the world’s biggest social networking business. Facebook’s IPO is perhaps the Silicon Valley’s most widely anticipated stock offering in recent years.

For Facebook and its 27-year old co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg, the IPO represents an official transition from successful startup to one of the corporate giants.

Facebook’s IPO filing also stated that Facebook intends to trade under the ticker symbol “FB.” However, it has not been made clear which stock exchange Facebook will trade in.

While the stated $5 billion amount is smaller than anticipated, industry observers predicted Facebook might seek up to $10 billion. The $5 billion figure is preliminary, and Facebook could seek to revise the numbers as it prepares to begin selling stock this spring.

But the IPO documents make it clear that Facebook stocks will have 2 classes of shares, structured so that Zuckerberg and a small group of insiders remain in voting control.

Speculation surrounds the actual price per share. However, Facebook conducted its own valuation and shares were determined to be $29.73 per share at the end of 2011. The documents did not specify how many shares will be sold, their offering price, or the date they will be offered.

Industry sources expect Facebook’s stock offering will set the social networking giant’s overall value at $75 billion to $100 billion.

While details about the Facebook IPO are few and far between, the filing has opened up the company’s closely-guarded operations and finances. Facebook disclosed that it made $3.7 billion in revenue in 2011, with sales rising 88% from 2010.