Uberdownloads Blog
How to Download

1. How do I download my program?

Downloading a program from Uberdownloads is really easy. Start your download by clicking on the download link located on the top center of the product page.

2. How can you give out software for free?

Uberdownloads is able to offer free software because we are advertiser supported. During installation of your software, we will show you ads from our advertisers. Think of these ads as TV commercials. These ads simply give advertisers a chance to present their products. There is no obligation to accept any offers at all. You can click “Decline” at the bottom of the page if you are not interested in an ad. You can skip all of the ads and still download your program.

However, if you are interested in a advertiser’s product, then simply click “Accept” to download the program.

3. Is this spyware? Is this a virus?

Absolutely not! All advertiser offers have been tested spyware/virus free.

4. I’ve finished downloading the file. What now?

1) Run the application’s installer by clicking “RUN”, or double clicking on the file you just downloaded.

The application’s installer will start up. The installer is designed to make downloading and installing your application quick and easy. This screen will show you the program you are installing. Click “Accept” to download your program.

2) Accept or Decline Advertiser Offers

As you run the installer, you will see one or more of our advertisers’ offers. Click “Accept” if you are interested in the offer or simply click “Decline” if you are not.

3) Finish the Installation

You’re finished! Your program will download to your computer and the installer will alert you when the installation is finished. Look on your desktop and in your start menu for your new program.

5. I accepted the download and the installer disappeared!

Don’t worry, the installer has just minimized while it is installing. This way you can use your computer for other things while you wait for the installation to finish. You should see an icon in your system tray that tells you that the installer is working. When the installation is finished, the installer will open your program for you.

6. My installation finished but I can’t find my program! Where did it go?

There are three ways for you to find your program after installation. The installer will open the folder where you installed your program, an icon for your new program will appear on your desktop, and an icon will appear in your start menu.