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Scary Screensavers and Spooky Wallpapers


It’s October, and that means one thing. Halloween! It’s time to pick out your costume, carve that jack-o-lantern and put up the spooky decorations. Well, there’s one part of your house that everyone forgets to decorate–your computer! You need a way to brighten up your computer and get with the Halloween sprit. You need a Halloween screensaver or a spooky wallpaper!

We’ve gathered three of our best Halloween screensavers and three of our best Halloween wallpapers together for you, download one here. Pick the screensaver and wallpaper you like and get in the Halloween spirit. Or download all six and have tons of Halloween fun!

Don’t miss out on your chance to download one of these great, seasonal screensavers or wallpapers and get your computer ready for Halloween. Consider your free download Uberdownload’s Halloween treat for you. Download your treat right here!

Happy Halloween from the Uberdowloads Team!