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Tux Suite: Part 1

If you have children who are ready to learn then we have someone we’d like to introduce you to. Tux the Penguin.

The Tux series of programs, TuxTyping, TuxMath and TuxPaint, are all astoundingly good, adaptable, and professional. Each one is a learning program masquerading as a game—and each game is actually fun. The Tux products have been designed to be useful not to one age range but to appeal to all children through difficulty levels and parental settings that allow these educational games to be useful for almost every child.

Description Ages
TuxTyping Teaches letter recognition and typing for children young and old. 4-14
TuxMath Teaches math from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division and even factorials, factors and algebra. 4-12
TuxPaint Teaches art and lets children be creative in a safe virtual environment. 4-11

Read on to see if one of these programs can help your child.

How to Keep Your Passwords Safe: Password Safe

How many passwords do you have? Five? Ten? Twenty? Most people don’t even know how many they have—let alone what all of them are. Passwords are supposed to be secret and that makes them very hard to keep track of. You can write down all of your passwords, but then what happens if someone finds your list? Trying to use the same password over and over can get you into trouble too because if someone figures out your password in one place, then they have your password to everywhere else.

What’s your solution? How do you keep all of your passwords safe?

Passwords Safe solves this problem. Password Safe stores your passwords inside a secure file. When you need access to your passwords, the only password you have to remember is Password Safe’s.

Passwords Safe stores your passwords in an easy-to-use interface that is secure and makes your information easy to get to at the same time. You can rest assured that your information is safe because Password Safe knows passwords and security.

At Uberdownloads.com, we are always concerned with our visitor’s safety and we chose to highlight Password safe because it was one of the best programs out there that promised to keep your information safe.

In addition to storing passwords, Password Safe can create passwords for you. Because Password Safe does the remembering for you, these passwords can be very complex. The more complex your passwords are, the harder it will be for a hacker or identity thief to figure them out.

Data security is becoming more important than ever. People are doing everything they can to keep themselves safe and keep a hold of their personal, valuable information. Password Safe is the type of program that anybody can use and that everyone needs, and remember: Passwords Safe doesn’t just keep passwords safe; it keeps you safe.

Controlling Your Computer: Part 1

Computers are complex. With thousands of calculations and processes going on all at once, it is hard to know exactly what your computer is up to all the time. Sometimes it even seems like computers have minds of their own when they run programs without being told to or run slowly because they haven’t had enough attention. Not everyone can be a technical genius and know how to make their computer run the way they want it to—and nobody should be expected to be.

At Uberdownloads.com, we try to do everything we can to help the people who come to our site. In order to accomplish that goal, we have selected four great programs that will help you take control of your computer. Over the next few days we will be featuring these products to help our viewers discover these great, new products. These tools will help you maintain your computer, keep it running at peak efficiency and help you do more with your machine. With these programs you can have your computer behaving in no time:

Windows Power Tools – A collection of six easy-to-use, invaluable utilities that will totally change your understanding of how your computer works.

Startup Manager – Control the programs that open and run when you start your computer.

Resolution – Change screen size for movies and games.

Eraser – Erase sensitive data that identity thieves use to steal from you.

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Controlling Your Computer: Part 2

Here is the first of our high lighted products. At Uberdownloads.com, we want to give our visitors the best control over their computers possible and we believe that this product, like the other four in our series, will totally change the way you use your computer.

Windows Power Tools

Windows Powertools is an easy, simple to use launcher for a collection of six powerful utilities designed to improve your computer and your ability to control and maintain your machine. There are six utilities inside of Windows Powertools, each of which is designed to give you the ability to easily control what is happening inside your computer and to maintain your machine:

    -- Cache2Trash: clear unwanted, temporary files to gain
       space and speed up system performance.
    -- DiskCheck: check the hard disk for errors and resolve
    -- FAT2NTFS: convert your older, less safe and efficient,
       FAT partitions to NTFS partitions.
    -- Kompressor: compress files on your hard drive to
       recover lost system memory and give you more space
       for your files.
    -- ConvertIMG: convert images from and to GIF, JPG, BMP,
       TIF, and PNG formats simultaneously at high speeds.
    -- Defrag: Analyze and Defragment hard drives. Speed up
       your system to reduce the chance of system crashes.

With Windows Windows Powertools, you will have the ability to make your system run better, faster and with more stability.

Stay tuned for more. Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Controlling Your Computer: Part 3

Welcome to our second of four featured programs designed to help you get a better handle on your computer. Here’s a link to Part 1, Part 2, if you missed it. We hope that each of these four programs will improve our viewers’ computer experiences.


Startup Manager

You turn on your computer and you sit there. You wait. You keep waiting because too many programs have to start before your computer will let you touch it. And none of them are even the programs you like, that you use every day, or that you would want to start up with your computer.

What’s going on and, more importantly, how do you make it stop?

Startup Manager is your solution. Startup Manager has two key features that will help you control your computer: The first, is the ability to cut off programs that want to start themselves when you turn on your computer. Every program you run slows your computer down a little. Every extra program on your screen means that when you do finally get to do something your computer will be tired and laggy. Quicktime is great but not everyone needs it to start up every time their computer comes on and then sit there slowing down the machine. The second striking function is Startup Manager’s ability to turn programs on at startup. If you find that every time you start up your computer you have to go for the same three or four programs then wouldn’t it be convenient if they would just start when your computer started?

There you are. Keep your hats on for Part 4 and Part 5 .

Controlling Your Computer: Part 4

This is our third in a series of four products that will help you understand and control your computer’s features without having to become a computer expert.

Oh, and if you missed our other articles in this series, here are a few links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


does exactly what the name promises—it allows you to temporarily change your screen resolution. Resolution is not just a replacement for your display properties’ ability to change your screen’s resolution, it is a semi-permanent change for media display, video games and people who do not have permission to change their resolution in system properties.

By design, Resolution allows you to change your screen size if you do not have access to change it through normal channels but Resolution can also be used in problem solving where it allows a user to change the screen’s resolution without permanently changing the computer’s data.

The key feature is that, when you’re finished with Resolution, it sets your resolution back to normal. If you need to change your resolution to watch a movie or play a video game on your screen then you don’t have to mess around changing it back and forth, just use Resolution and when you’re done put your screen back to normal.

is useful at schools and in the workplace where you need to use the computer but don’t have permission to change the resolution.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy Part 5.

Controlling Your Computer: Part 5

This is it! The last of our four part series high lighting utilities that will help our visitors get control over their computers and help them do more with their machines. Just in case you missed it, here are the other four parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, href=’http://www.uberdownloads.com/index.php?id=54′>Part 4.


When you delete a file you expect it to go away.

Would you be surprised to know that it doesn’t?

You know when you use a pencil eraser to erase your work and the impressions from what you wrote are still left on the page? Well the same thing happens when you delete your files from your computer. What you deleted seems to be gone but anyone who knows how to look can find it. Your file isn’t gone; it’s just harder to see. For paper the solution is easy, you get a shredder and any of your important documents—account numbers, passwords, love letters—get turned into much.

Eraser turns your unwanted computer files to mulch. Eraser doesn’t just delete your files it truly erases them and removes any trace of your files on your system.

And don’t think that you don’t need eraser because you don’t have anything to hide. We are all living in a world where security has become a priority. Now, with all of your information online, you can lose yourself to identity thieves and hackers. It only takes one bank statement, one online tax return, one Amazon.com receipt saved on your computer to give a thief access to everything you have.

Eraser will keep your data safe.

Make Your Computer Work for You

That’s it, four easy-to-use programs for controlling and making the most of your computer. Your computer is a tool—your tool—and you should always be able to make your tools do what you want.

We understand that not everyone can be a computer guru and we believe that these four products can help you use your computer like a guru without having to buy a pocket protector. These tools will help you maintain your computer, keep it running at peak efficiency and help you do more with your machine. With these programs you can have your computer behaving in no time:

Windows Power Tools – A collection of six easy-to-use, invaluable utilities that will totally change your understanding of how your computer works. Part 2

Startup Manager – Control the programs that open and run when you start your computer. Part 3

Resolution – Change screen size for movies and games. Part 4

Eraser – Erase sensitive data that identity thieves use to steal from you. Part 5

Good luck with your new products!

WinMerge 2.12.2 is Now Available

Hey all, we’ve just added WinMerge, our newest utility for programmers. WinMerge is a tool to compare two files and view their contents in side-by-side windows with changes highlighted. Comparing files is great for anyone who has several versions of the same file but this is especially useful for programmers. Use WinMerge to compare two versions of the same code to see what is different and even what elements are missing or have been added to broken code.

Try out WinMerge now, here.

PeaZip 2.6 is Now Available

We’ve just added PeaZip, our newest product designed to organize your files and speed up system performance. PeaZip is a file compression program and will shrink batches of files into smaller packets so that they can be stored on your computer without all the wasted space of uncompressed files. PeaZip has the advantage over other archiving programs becasue it can handle multiple archives at once. Storing files in packets allows you to keep your files together and an ordered file system will make it easier for you to find your files.

Try out PeaZip now and organize your computer! Just click here!