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AbiWord: Your Freeware, Word Processing Solution

If you were shopping for a bicycle and the salesman told you, “What you really need is a car. A car does all of the things a bike does and so much more—and only for a few thousand dollars more,” then you would probably laugh him off and walk away, Right?

Well if you’re looking for a simple word processor to write reports or memos on then that’s exactly what Microsoft Word is doing—it’s offering you dozens of features you just don’t need and then it wants you to pay for them.

A copy of Microsoft Office with Microsoft Word can cost upwards of $399.95. Why pay all of that for features you won’t use and a program that is so bloated with bells and whistles that it gets in the way of simple word processing?

Most people end up with Microsoft Word simply because they are not aware of the other choices.

Meet AbiWord , your word processing solution.

AbiWord is a simple, stripped down word processor. AbiWord works on just about any operating system and just about any computer—Windows, Mac OS, Linux, you name it.

With MS Word, your files have dozens of little additions that make the file hard to read for anything besides MS Word. With AbiWord , not only can you save in any file type you like, but you can open almost any file too.

Finally, the most important feature of AbiWord; it’s free. AbiWord is opensource and opensource means that some kind souls somewhere are pounding away at keyboards so that you can use AbiWord at no cost.

You need a word processing program; something a little more advanced that raw text in Windows Notepad, and something with a little less weight than the monster that is MS Word.

With AbiWord you have all of the functionality of a modern word processor without the fuss and cost of the competition. AbiWord has comparable features to any of the other word processors on the market and, because AbiWord is open source, it’s free and it will keep on getting better.

If you need more than the bare minimum but don’t need or don’t want to pay for all of the features of Windows Word that you don’t need, go for AbiWord and get just as much word processor as you need.

Your Free Design Suite

More and more, design software is a necessity for small business and personal work. Not everyone needs professional design software, but sometimes you only need a program a few times a year and sometimes it’s nice to have. If you want to edit photos you need Photoshop, if you want to create vector graphics you need Illustrator, if you want professional layout you need InDesign, but what if you didn’t?

What if you had your own design suite that didn’t cost you a dime? If you need a design suite but you don’t feel a need to pay for Adobe’s Creative Suite, then consider your opensource answers:

Adobe Creative Suite 4 = $2,499 Opensource $0.00
InDesign = $699 Scribus = $0.00
Photoshop = $999 GIMP = $0.00
Illustrator = $599 Inkscape = $0.00

These three programs, GIMP , Inkscape and Scribus , can effectively eliminate the need to spend money on your design suite.


GIMP is the opensource solution for people who don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a photo editing program. GIMP has many of the same functions as Adobe Photoshop and none of the cost. With GIMP you can do anything from touching up pictures to creating your own art. You can change the perspective on photographs, remove damage from pictures or merge pictures together—and just about anything else you can imagine.

*Photoshop* *Gimp*
Custom Styles Custom Styles
3D effects 3D effects
Custom filters Custom filters



Inkscape is the freeware answer to expensive design utilities. We’re not talking about MS Paint here. Inkscape has all the utilities of a major design utility. Inkscape is specifically designed for vector graphics which means that images don’t get blurry or pixilated when they are too large or too small because vector graphics don’t use resolution the way bitmap utilities do.

*Illustrator* *Inkscape*
Vector graphics Vector graphics
Create images Create images
Edit images Edit images



Scribus is a professional design program that lets you lay out books, manuscripts, reports, papers and just about any project. Scribus lets you professionally format your work and prepare it for printing or publication. With Scribus, you can edit your publication simply and easily and Scribus comes loaded with formats and fonts to make getting your project to look just right just that much easier.

*InDesign* *Scribus*
Professional formatting Professional formatting
Custom formats Custom formats
Custom fonts Custom fonts
Easy to place images Easy to place images


With these three opensource programs you can revolutionize your design experience and save yourself a lot of money. If you’re still not sure then remember; opensource means that you can download it, try it and decide if you like it at no cost to you.

WinCPUID 0.3 is available

WinCPUID is our newest tool to help you control, monitor and keep your computer running. WinCPUID monitors your computer’s CPU and helps you identify your CPU and monitor its functionality. Use WinCPUID, you can better control your machine.

Check out WinCPUID and see for yourself.

HealthMonitor 3.1 is available

If you’ve come to our site looking for tools to work on your system’s health, then it’s your lucky day because we’ve just released HeathMonitor a freeware system health monitoring tool.

HealthMonitor watches over your computer and watches for the telltale signs of an upcoming system crash or slowdown. When HealthMonitor sees a problem it alerts on screen but also by sending a text message or an email to warn you no matter where you are.

By constantly monitoring your system, HealthMonitor can alert you to potential problems before they harm your computer but HealthMonitor also contains ten utilities to check your computer for problems instantly and tell you if anything is wrong with your system when you install the program.

Give HealthMonitor a try and see how your computer stacks up right now. Remember freeware means you can try our products without obligation.

Windows Powertools 3.1 is available

Announcing Windows Powertools the solution to your Windows maintenance and repair needs.

Windows Powertools is an easy to use launcher for six utilities, each designed to give you the ability to easily control what is happening inside your machine. These utilities allow you to clear your computer’s cache–increasing its speed–check your disk for errors and easily repair any errors, update your drives from FAT to NTFS file systems, gain space on your computer by compressing your drives, convert image types and defragment your drives.

Try Windows Powertools now and have your computer running better and faster in a few minutes.

WinSCP 4.1.8 is available

WinSCP is our new security focused FTP client. FTP is one of the best and fastest ways to transfer files over the internet, especially in large groups and we are proud to have this new utility available for you on uberdownloads.

WinSCP is first and foremost concerned with making your FTP transfers safe and reliable. Using Secure Shell (SSH) technology to block malicious attacks and protect your files, WinSCP allows you to safely and securely transfer files between local and remote computers. WinSCP offers easy to use file management and synchronization while securing your most important information.

Check out the WinSCP site now and see what we’re talking about. Why leave your important documents open to attack or theft?

X-Chat Free 3.0 is available.

X-Chat Free 3.0 is our new, free, version of the popular X-Chat internet relay chat (IRC) client.

If you already use IRC then try out X-Chat Free 3.0 and see how it compares to your current client—we bet that it’s better. IRC is a way for people across the world to communicate over their computers. If you don’t use IRC, if you’ve never even heard of IRC then X-Chat Free is the program to get you started. X-Chat Free simplifies the IRC interface and makes it more accessible to new users. X-Chat Free is designed to be your personal, customizable IRC chat client.

Get your copy of X-Chat Free 3.0 and get chatting.

PosteRazor 1.5.2 is available

We are happy to introduce PosteRazor, our new media manipulator that allows you to turn pictures in your computer into posters on your wall.

PosteRazor makes making your own posters easier than ever before by fully automating the process of taking small images on your computer and turning them into posters of any size. If you need new decorating ideas, consider the selection of images on the internet and think of them on your walls. That’s what PosteRazor can do for you.

Check out the PosteRazor site now and see what PosteRazor can do.

How to Control Your Computer’s Startup: Startup Manager

Do you turn your computer on and then have to sit and wait while program after program loads and slows down your system? Is your screen filled with programs you don’t use as soon as you turn your computer on? Did you know that each program that starts up on your computer eats up a little bit of its memory and slows it down?

What’s going on and, more importantly, how do you make it stop?

Startup Manager is your solution.

Startup Manager has the ability to cut off programs that want to start themselves when you turn on your computer. Quicktime and AIM are great but not everyone needs them to start up every time their computer comes on and then sit there slowing down the machine. Startup Manager allows you to select which programs will start with your computer.

This feature is especially useful because every program you run slows your computer down a little and every extra program on your screen means that when you do finally get to do something your computer will be tired and laggy.

With Startup Manager your computer starts right up and maintains its speed as you use it.

But what if you actually want your programs to start up with your computer?

Startup Manager lets you select the programs you don’t want and leaves the programs you do want to start up automatically. If the programs you need already starts with your computer, then Startup Manager doesn’t mess with them at all.

If you have programs that don’t start with your computer but you would like them too, then Startup Manager has the answer for that too. Startup Manager has the ability to turn programs on at startup as well as turn them off. If you find that every time you start up your computer you have to go for the same three or four programs then wouldn’t it be convenient if they would just start when your computer started?

Startup Manager can do that for you.

The real reason to like Startup Manager is that it gives you more control over your computer. After all, it’s your computer so why shouldn’t you decide which programs run when it starts?