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Scary Screensavers and Spooky Wallpapers


It’s October, and that means one thing. Halloween! It’s time to pick out your costume, carve that jack-o-lantern and put up the spooky decorations. Well, there’s one part of your house that everyone forgets to decorate–your computer! You need a way to brighten up your computer and get with the Halloween sprit. You need a Halloween screensaver or a spooky wallpaper!

We’ve gathered three of our best Halloween screensavers and three of our best Halloween wallpapers together for you, download one here. Pick the screensaver and wallpaper you like and get in the Halloween spirit. Or download all six and have tons of Halloween fun!

Don’t miss out on your chance to download one of these great, seasonal screensavers or wallpapers and get your computer ready for Halloween. Consider your free download Uberdownload’s Halloween treat for you. Download your treat right here!

Happy Halloween from the Uberdowloads Team!

Open Office Base vs. Microsoft Access

OpenOffice: Download from here!

Base is the open source database manager designed to be the free replacement for $499.95 Microsoft Access. By building databases, users can store large amounts of information, put their information in order, and search for information quickly and easily. For example, schools often create databases of students. This allows administrators to view students by searching for their student id, name, grade, or class schedule.

Open Office Base’s features include:

 -- Manages databases large and small -- Integrates seamlessly into the rest of the OpenOffice.org suite -- Stores large data files easily -- Exports data into spreadsheets -- Backwards and forwards compatible with Microsoft Access -- Compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Unix

As one of the best database managers out there, Base allows a wide range of users to control their databases. Base’s exciting features allow the user to easily update and track information in the database and make maintaining a database easy. If you use Microsoft Access then try Base and save yourself almost $500. If you have never used a database manager then now is the time to start with 100% free Base.

Open Office Impress vs. Microsoft PowerPoint

Impress is the open source answer to Microsoft Office’s PowerPoint. PowerPoint presentations have become the method of choice when it comes to business presentations, class projects and whenever someone wants to pass on information in a clear way. PowerPoint presentations are not the only option. Impress offers many of PowerPoint’s features–but without the $495.99 bill.

Open Office Impress can:

 -- Import images -- Create presentations -- Play presentations -- Access SWF (shockwave) files -- Export presentations to PDF. -- Work on multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Unix

Impress is free, open source, can do everything Windows PowerPoint can do and has added content. Because Impress is open source and many users are constantly working to perfect it, there are many image galleries and presentation templates available for download. Remember the most important advantage of Impress: by choosing Impress instead of Microsoft PowerPoint, you can save $495.99.

Open Office Calc vs. Microsoft Excel

Open Office Calc is the open source answer to Microsoft Office’s Excel.

Both Calc and Excel are spreadsheet creators and editors but there are many major differences between open source Calc and Excel—the first and possibly most important of which is that, while Excel can cost as much as $499.95, Calc is absolutely free.

Open Office Calc can:

 -- Sort and collate data -- Receive text or data -- Natively create graphs -- Export spreadsheets as PDFs -- Create simple or complex formulas (complex formulas are easier to create in Calc than in Excel) -- Handle dates prior to 1900 (Microsoft Excel cannot) -- Work on multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Unix

If you use spreadsheets often then the extra features and improvements in Calc can make your work just that much easier. If you hardly ever use your current spreadsheet creator, then Calc can save you a lot of money that you don’t need to be spending.

In fact, either way, Calc can save you money. A lot of money.

Open Office Writer vs. Microsoft Word

The word processor has become a necessary piece of equipment for everyone and Microsoft Word is the household name and the go-to product, but it’s not the only choice. Open Office’s Writer is the open source answer to Microsoft Word. Writer has all the major functions of Microsoft Word without the hassle of Word’s proprietary formats and the $499.95 bill.

Writer has many of the same features as Microsoft Word:

 -- Spelling and grammar checking -- Auto correct -- Styles and formatting -- Headers and footers -- Support for insertion of images and graphs

Writer is open source, which means that many different people all over the world are constantly working to make the program better. Not only have the people working on Writer created a program with all of the features of Microsoft Word, but they have added many great features as well:

 -- Auto complete -- Backwards and forwards compatibility with Microsoft Word -- Compatibility with most word processor formats including Word Perfect and Apple Pages

Only a handful of people use their word processor more than a few times a month. If you are like the average user who hardly uses their word processor then you simply don’t need Word. You don’t need all the extra features that you pay for when you buy Word but you’ve never used and you don’t need the $499.95 price tag. What you need is free Open Office Writer.

Open Office: Your Free Microsoft Office Suite

OpenOffice: Download from here!

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular applications in the history of computers. Just about every computer in the world has a copy of Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Access. Every couple of years, Microsoft comes out with a new version of Office and every one of its millions of users must pay the price to use this vital, necessary application. Some versions of Microsoft Office can run up to $499.95.

It seems unfair to charge that kind of a price for a program that is so vital to both business and personal computing. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a rival application, one that had all the utilities of Microsoft Office, all the features, but none of the price?

Well, the folks at Open Office thought so too. Open Office is the free, opensource answer to Microsoft Office. Open Office is so great, and so full of features that we’re actually going to be talking about it for the next few days:

Get a look at Open Office here.

The Final Frontier

With the recent anniversary of the Moon Landing, at UberDownloads we thought we would celebrate by bringing space and the moon to you. We have two great products for people interested in the stars:Stellarium, a virtual planetarium, and Virtual Moon Atlas, a virtual map of the moon. Both of these great products are designed to be informative and entertaining at the same time.

Outer space and the stars truly are the final frontier and we are happy to bring them down to Earth for you.


Stellarium is a planetarium simulator for your computer. Moons, planets, stars, nebulae, galaxies, Stellarium has everything and it shows it to you in a great, beautiful panoramic view.

You select where on the world you want to view the sky from and Stellarium will take you there. If you live in Boston, LA, Beijing, London or Podunkville, Ohio, you can see your sky because Stellarium doesn’t just connect you to the closest large city but lets you choose any vantage in the world.

Stellarium is incredibly informative with data on planets and stars just a click away. Mostly it’s just fun though. Set up your location and time and let the program run with planets and stars whirling over head, or see where the stars will be tomorrow night, or where they were on your birthday!

Use Stellarium’s constellation features to display the constellations as line drawings or as full images. And Stellarium doesn’t just have Western constellations. Choose from Chinese, Korean, Lakota or even Ancient Egyptian skies, among many more.

If you have any interest in the night sky then you will greatly enjoy Stellarium.

Virtual Moon Atlas

“Boom, right to the Moon!”

Well, Virtual Moon Atlas won’t take you to the moon, but it will do the next best thing by bringing the moon to you. Virtual Moon Atlas opens an interactive map of the moon right on your computer. The entire moon is right there before you, every crater and every sea.

Built very exactly by and for selenographers (moon watchers), Virtual Moon Atlas is extremely detailed and informative. A simple mouse over or click will make the program display information on interesting features of the Moon, even such tiny features as the locations of the Lunar Landers. Virtual Moon Atlas is designed to be used while gazing at the moon and to help find interesting features and land marks.

Anyone who is interested in the moon will be interested in Virtual Moon Atlas for its ability to show the most interesting points on the Lunar surface year round and help amateur moon gazers find interesting points.

Stellarium and Virtual Moon Atlas are each one of the best programs we offer on UberDownloads and we think that both can help you see the universe.

The stars and the moon right on your desktop. Can it get any better?

Tux Suite Part 4: Tux Paint

TuxPaint is the Tux team’s attempt to create a program to foster creativity, art and computer skills in young children—and it is a successful attempt.

The creators of Tux Paint have made the interface of TuxPaint easy to use and simple to navigate—the phrase, “so easy a child could do it,” comes to mind. They have made the colors bright, the brushes easy to use and the special “magic” effects easy to find and play with. TuxPaint also comes with a preloaded set of “starters” which are coloring book like pictures that children can color over and the ability to load new starters.
Possibly the best part of the program is the parental controls. These controls let the parent do things like lock the mouse to the program so that the child does not have access to the rest of the computer and lock the number of open versions of the program so that the child does not go “click crazy” and damage the computer by opening too many copies. The parental controls even allow for parents to change the appearance and function of TuxPaint for younger or older children with abilities, for example by making icons smaller or larger and turning off special effects.

Our children are going to grow up using computers and TuxPaint is not just a great way to get children interested in art, it is a great way to get children used to using computers. Parents and schools around the world are already using TuxPaint to teach children computers and art.

The Tux creators believe that children can benefit from every one of these products and we agree. Math, reading, typing or art, Tux the Penguin can help your children learn in a fun, effective way.
Have fun learning!

Tux Suite Part 3: TuxMath

The editorial department actually had a lot of fun testing TuxMath. Your children will learn math by helping Tux the Penguin defend his city from asteroids and meteors. The range of usefulness of this educational software is such that everyone from young children learning basic addition to adults like the editorial staff can both have fun and find a challenging difficulty level.

The game works like this: at lower difficulties numbers appear on the screen inside of meteorites and the player types the number they see to fire a laser and shoot down the meteor, thus saving Tux’s friends. This teaches young children the recognition of numbers as they begin to learn numbers. The levels get progressively harder teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and, finally, algebra. Because of the wide expanse of skills taught by this one program, TuxMath can help children of all ages hone their math skills. There is even an extra game where Tux must shoot asteroids and the asteroids split into fractions and factorials.

There is nothing in the world that is more fun than shooting lasers at asteroids. There just isn’t. The creators of TuxMath were aware of that and have turned that fun into a way to teach your children math. The editorial staff recommends it. In fact some of them are still playing it.