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Save Money With ValPak Coupon App

ValPak app adds Passbook integration giving consumers a new way to interact with money-saving coupons.

There is no doubt that e-commerce has seen tremendous success as consumers nowadays prefer using their mobile devices over desktops in accessing or searching certain goods or services.

With this premise, we saw the inception of Passbook, Apple’s take on the mobile wallet.

Passbook is a platform which lets consumers organize and manage key money-saving items such as loyalty cards, coupons, tickets in his or her Apple gadget.

It acts as a virtual wallet wherein consumers can readily access offers in a timely manner as the app is enhanced by GPS technology. Consumers are notified with offers based on their proximity with a given business.

However, even with charts pointing out growth in mobile usage, support for Passbook among developers and companies has not yet picked up.

Giant corporations such as Starbucks and McDonalds have the capability to map out Passbook integration thus have rolled out the system.

However, this is a far cry for small and local business. While it’s a challenge for these businesses when it comes to establishing tracking systems, they can make use of services such as ValPak to solve the issue.

ValPak may have rung a bell. They’re the ones that deliver coupon-stuffed blue envelopes to millions of households. Their digital coupons are also a big hit attracting hundreds of thousands of consumers in a month. And yes, they do have an iOS app.

With the recent iOS 6 updates, ValPak has already integrated Passbook in their app, giving consumers seamless and faster access to coupons and offers of their favorite local stores.

The ValPak app works by displaying local offers and coupons that are within the 25-mile radius from the user’s standpoint. To get the coupons, consumers just have to tap and save it to Passbook using the sharing icon.

Once the coupon has been successfully added to Passbook, it will just alert you if a business is nearby where in you can redeem the coupon.

ValPak says that around 54,000 companies offer these coupons using the “show and save” approach. Customers only need to show the coupon to avail it and save money.

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