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Apple’s App Store Adds ‘Editors’ Choice’

The next time you visit Apple’s App Store, you should run into a brand new feature.

On Friday, Apple quietly added a new feature to its App Store: Editors’ Choice.

Editors’ choice is a new promotional feature Apple designed to support certain apps that would be beneficial to users.

It is not exactly clear how Apple chooses which apps to offer, but users will probably agree that app discovery is a welcome discovery to sort through Apple’s more than 600,000 apps.

When users arrive to the Mac App Store or the mobile App Store, they’ll find the new promotional feature splashed across the top of the page.

For their inaugural picks, Apple chose CoBook, an address book application that supplements usability by accessing social networks.

In the mobile App store, the Editors’ Choice was the newly released Facebook Camera application and Extreme Skater.

In addition to Editors’ Choice, Apple is offering users a limited-time chance to download a paid application for free. This week’s featured app is Cut the Rope: Experiments.

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