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Facebook Launches ‘Camera’ Photo App

Facebook Camera—New innovation or Instagram redux?

Facebook launched their new photo-sharing app, Facebook Camera on Thursday.

Facebook hopes the app makes photo sharing more fun and accessible for the social media giant’s 900 million users, specifically smartphone users.

Facebook Camera app lets users take pictures and upload them directly to the app. Users can also crop photos, add colorful filters and upload multiple pictures at once.

However, the Facebook Camera announcement has left a lot of people in the tech industry scratching their heads.

The shocking news comes only weeks after Facebook spent $1 billion to acquire Instagram, a similar (to say the least) photo-sharing app. It also comes just days after its IPO got a lukewarm reception from Wall Street.

So far, the Facebook camera app gets generally good marks from early reviewers, who say it’s much faster than the primary Facebook app and displays photos in a large, crisp fashion.

And while there are definite similarities between the two apps, clearly the audience of each is different.

Ellis Hamburger from The Verge says, “Had the Instagram deal never occurred, Facebook Camera wouldn’t really be much of an Instagram competitor anyway, lacking any mobile-only social circles, hashtagged sharing, tilt-shift, and interesting filters.”

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