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Sony Hand Crank Charges USB Devices

If you’ve ever been stuck in the wilderness (or your train commute home) without a place to charge your phone, this is for you.

Sony’s CycleEnergy USB charger has a built-in hand crank that can generate power for your USB devices.

The CycleEnergy features a dual port unit capable of charging 2 USB-equipped devices and a built-in 4,000 mAh battery chargeable via AC power.

According to Sony, the large battery capacity can deliver enough power to charge a smartphone about 2 times.

As for hand-crank power, it takes about 3 minutes of cranking for a 1 minute call and 5 minutes of cranking for 1 minute of Web surfing.

The CycleEnergy USB charge is due in Japan on June 20 for 8,000 yen (approximately $100).

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