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iPad3 Release Attracts Eager Crowds

Not much has changed from the previous version of the iPad, but crowds of fans still gathered to be the first to get their hands on the iPad3.

Although you could pre-order the iPad3 starting March 7–the day Apple announced the updated model–many hardcore fans did not want to wait those precious hours for the mailman.

Instead they chose to wait in line at Apple stores, as well as some Best Buys and Walmarts, who had some iPad3s available at midnight.

Reports show that lines at the flagship Apple store on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue spanned more than a city block, and fans filled several corridors at the new Grand Central store.

In San Francisco, lines were of similar caliber, with eager hoards lining up at the Market St. store and other Apple outlets.

Protestors also accompanied the throngs of fans in line—Change.org was in attendance trying to gather 250,000 signatures to petition Apple to improve its working conditions for factory employees in China.

The new iPad’s flashiest feature is a high-pixel-count “retina display” previously available only on the iPhone. The new iPad screen has 3.1 million pixels. It also features a faster processor and a 4G radio.

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