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Scramble With Friends: An Instant Hit

Zynga wins again with its sequel game Scramble With Friends.

The Boggle-style word game has taken the casual gaming scene by storm since its release in January.

Scramble With Friends is still trailing the ever-popular Words With Friends in terms of sheer numbers, but the game is a hit—and a moneymaker.

Scramble With Friends is currently the 16th highest grossing app for the Apple devices, and was in the top-five brand in the Apple store last month.

The actual number of Scramble With Friends aficionados is yet to be measured, and Zynga is keeping the number a secret. According to Facebook data, however, the Scramble With Friends database has already reach 3.4 million players.

Scramble With Friends gameplay is pretty simple. Players challenge friends or strangers to see who can find the most words in a jumbled group of 16 letters over three 2-minute rounds. Words can be formed vertically, horizontally and diagonally.

As with every Zynga game, there are always bonuses. In Scramble With Friends, there is a trio of power-ups:

  • Time Freeze—Buys you precious extra seconds to find words
  • Inspiration—Suggests words when you’re unable to find any more
  • Scramble—Rearranges the letters to give you a different perspective

Scramble With Friends is addictive—and Zynga knows it. To play a game, and use more than one power-up, you’ll have to use in-game tokens.

Scramble With Friends is available as a free, ad-supported download or paid (USD $0.99) version. As with any Zynga game, you can also buy packs of tokens for prices ranging from $1 to $25.

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