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The New Cat: Mountain Lion OS X

Apple’s newest addition to the herd—Mountain Lion—promises to give users the unified experience they’ve been craving.

Announced on Feb. 16, Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest version of OS X, is more than just an update to fix bugs and glitches. Now, all Macs that run Mountain Lion OS X are one big step closer to devices that run iOS, such as the iPad or iPhone.

Mountain Lion (v 10.8) puts many of the features born in iOS 5 right on the desktop of OS X. Additions such as Notes, Reminders and iMessage are strictly functional. Others, such as iCloud and Game Center, spread content across your Apple-integrated universe.

Mountain Lion also delivers a new security feature that keeps Apple at the forefront of malware protection.

The final version of Mountain Lion will be released this summer. An early version highlights some of the features that will be available to users, such as:

  • iMessages—Replaces the iChat app and provides users with a familiar interface.
  • Reminders—Make to-do lists, set alerts and push your information to all your Apple devices.
  • Notes—A similar interface, but enhanced for use on a Mac computer.
  • Notifications—Receive notices when you get emails, texts, FaceTime calls, etc.
  • Twitter integration—Tweet directly from a variety of apps.
  • iCloud integration—Sync all of your devices and keep your important information all in one, virtual space.
  • Game Center—Personalize your gaming experience and discover new games.
  • Share Sheets—Share photos, videos, and links within this convenient app.
  • AirPlay Mirroring—Present what’s on your Mac on an HDTV via Apple TV.
  • Gatekeeper—Designate the origin of apps, including third-party sources.

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