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Google Translate, iPhone Save Man’s Life

Apple’s iPhone has probably gotten you out of a lot of jams in the past.

From helping you find your way when you’re lost to remembering anniversaries, the iPhone really is like a mini-personal assistant in the palm of your hand.

But would you have ever thought that your iPhone could save a man’s life?

Yes, the iPhone, combined with Google Translate app, helped save a Chinese man who was suffering from a diabetic reaction while driving.

We must of course give credit to the Oregon highway patrolmen, who’s quick-thinking and technology helped officers determine the reason the man was driving erractically.

After several reports of an impaired driver heading westbound on 1-84 in north-Central Oregon, two officers decided to pull the man over, according to KVAL.com.

The man was definitely impaired—but not in the way that could land you in jail. To make things more difficult, the man only spoke Chinese.

In order to get to the bottom of the problem, one of the officers grabbed his iPhone and fired up the Google Translate app. The man was able to speak into the phone and the app translated his Chinese to English.

The officers were able to determine that the man was having a diabetic reaction due to high blood sugar. Medical personnel were quickly called and the man was treated at a nearby hospital.

Incidents like these certainly highlight the value of technology, and how smartphones have opened doors toward making our lives easier. Just think how this situation could’ve turned out without the help of this technology!

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