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Words With Friends With Benefits?

Zynga’s Words With Friends has become quite a popular word game.

First, Alec Baldwin got kicked off his flight for refusing to power off his cell phone while playing the addictive Scrabble-like game.

Then came the dozens of celebrity tweets—including Rainn Wilson and Terrell Owens—sharing their Words With Friends handle, or sharing their sympathy with Mr. Baldwin’s latest addiction.

So that left the whole world thinking “What is this game that’s got a hold of everyone?”

Those not already furiously concocting words or trying to get rid of that dreaded letter Q since the game’s release in 2009 soon found out the reason behind the madness.

A recent survey Zynga conducted of 100,000 Words With Friends players showed that there might be more benefits from playing Words With Friends than we thought before.

While ‘triple word score’ and romance might not go hand-in-hand, Words With Friends players say quite the contrary. Zynga’s word combat game has been used for dating, flirting and even cheating.

Here’s some interesting highlights from Zynga’s survey:

  • Say My [User] Name: 24% of players have exchanged their Words With Friends handle instead of a phone number.
  • Words With Benefits: One out of ten players say that Words With Friends has led directly to a hookup.
  • You’ve Got a HUGE…Vocabulary: 38% of players said they’d be more willing to hook up with someone if they’re good at Words With Friends
  • Single and Ready to M-I-N-G-L-E: 40% of players said they would date someone they met through the game.
  • I’m a Player and I Just Crush a Lot: 47% of players say they are crushing on someone they are playing Words With Friends with right now.
  • Have Mercy: 35% of players said they let their sweetheart win.
  • Before He Cheats: 43% of players said they have cheated on someone…in the game.

So get flirty, er wordy, this Valentine’s Day! Play some Words With Friends with your special someone—you never know where it could lead!

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