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Get 5GB Of Free Dropbox Space

Have you been looking for a cloud storage solution for your photos and videos? Dropbox might just have what you’re looking for.

If you’re willing to be a guinea pig for Dropbox, you can take advantage of the popular cloud storage’s latest offer.

Dropbox accounts normally get 2GB of storage space with free accounts, but those who test a new automatic uploads feature can get as much as 5GB of cloud storage.

To take advantage of the odder, you have to run a beta version of Dropbox’s software, and you have to try a feature that automatically uploads photos and videos to Dropbox.

“For every 500MB of photos and videos automatically uploaded, you’ll receive another 500MB bonus space, up to a total of 4.5GB,” a forum post said. “You can get up to 5GB of free space with this feature, if you count the initial 500MB space for the first photo import.”

The new feature imports photos from cameras, mobile phones, and SD cards plugged into a computer.

For those who don’t want to upload multiple gigabytes, Dropbox will give you 500MB of free bonus space on the first photo import.

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