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Angry Birds To Launch On Facebook

If you’re like the rest of the us, you can’t get enough of those Angry Birds.

Rovio is adding more punch to the Angry Bird’s empire—the gaming company announced that our furious fowl friends are coming to Facebook.

That’s right—one of the world’s most popular mobile video games, Angry Birds, is planning to debut on the world’s most popular social networking site that has over 800 million members.

Angry Birds, which was a smash hit for smartphones and tablets since its debut in 2009, has become a global phenomenon. The Facebook version will debut on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), Rovio confirmed in a blog post Wednesday.

“Nothing says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ like competitive pig-popping among friends,” Rovio said.

Angry Birds’ Facebook edition will add social elements, including leaderboards and monetization, with players being offered chances to buy special power-ups for USD $0.99.

Angry Birds was the top paid app for the iPhone and iPad in 2011. It was also a big selling point for Google’s social network, Google+, and Google Chrome, which offered Angry Birds in August.

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