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Turn Up The Volume On Your Showers

Who doesn’t indulge in a bit of vocal-styling in the shower? After all, the acoustics are the best with all that tile surrounding you.

With the iShower, now you can have a little musical accompaniment to your singing … and maybe even some background music to drown out your, ahem, sound.

Taking the shower radio into the digital age, the iShower is a Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker that allows you to stream your music from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

No extra apps or downloads are needed—start listening to your tunes by simply connecting your Bluetooth device! Don’t let the ‘i’ fool you, you can stream from Android devices as well.

The iShower is capable of streaming up to 15 hours of audio within a 200-foot range. Encased in waterproof plastic and boasting up to 5 Bluetooth pairings, the iShower is good for any aqua-centric environment. Take it out of the shower and put it poolside for tunes while you swim!

Unveiled at CES this week, the iShower is just one of the latest gadgets from iDevices, a company that strives to make your technology have useful household purposes. Another notable device from iDevices is the iGrill, which allows users to monitor and control their grill’s temperature wirelessly.

While the iShower is definitely a novelty, it certainly could add a little pep to your morning routine. Now only one question—how do you change the station?

The iShower will be available in March 2012 for USD $99.95.

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