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Stream Photos, Music to Roku

Did you get a Roku for Christmas?

If you’re not familiar, a Roku is a device that lets you stream video over the Internet. You can watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, HBO Go, and much more in one convenient package!

Connecting directly to your television, Roku eliminates the need to connect an Xbox or computer to watch streaming video.

Now add the Juice app to your Android device and you can also share your photos and music to your Roku in just one click!

The Juice app, available for USD $2.99, lets you wirelessly beam your music and photos directly to your Roku. There’s no need for an intermediary computer that makes you download your media and then transfer it once more.

Juice may have a few quirks, but overall the app works well. Perhaps future versions of the app will allow you a “play all” function for your music, or let you control the speed of your picture slideshow.

Juice can also double for a Roku remote, in case yours has gone missing. Juice does a great impression of the layout and functionality of the Roku remote, and gives similar response times.

The Juice app on your Android device combined with your Roku also does a good impression of an iPhone and Apple TV. The combination of Juice and Roku make photo-sharing and music viewing easy!

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