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A Digital Disposable Camera?

Thought the disposable camera died out in the Great Analog Extinction along with VCRs and tape decks? Think again.

The disposable camera—or at least the idea of it—is back. And this time, it’s in digital form.

For those who might not know, disposable cameras were neat devices that housed a roll of film and a simple camera. When your film was filled with shots of you and your friends and family, you simply took it to a film developer and voila! All your memories were preserved forever.

Sounds pretty complex, right? Nowadays, taking a picture is literally as easy as 1-2-3.

Well two app companies—Hipstamatic and Dotti—are trying to capture the old novelty and marry it with new technology.

Hipstamatic Disposable, the latest app from the clever lens filter photographers, allows users to purchase “rolls” of 24 exposures. When 24 digital images have been shot, they can be “developed”. Or in today’s lingo, downloaded to your computer or shared to social media sites like Facebook.

Hipstamatic offers a 9-pack of 24-exposure “cameras” for USD $0.99—not terribly expensive. Along with the purchase, you get 2 disposable camera lens filters with the free app that allows you to take the pictures.

Dotti Disposable app works in a similar way, but this app offers you actual printed and physical delivery of your shots. After filling up the 12-shot “rolls”, you can send 4×6 photos through the mail to the person you want, or even yourself.

Dotti Disposable is USD $4.99—still a good price considering the actual printing and delivery of photos. Dotti does lack the lens filters that Hipstamatic offers, but Dotti Disposable is available for the both Android and iOS.

While both of these apps offer a cool flashback to a time when capturing the perfect picture took a bit of work, it remains to be seen if they will actually take off as a concept.

What do you think? Are disposable cameras coming back in digital form?

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