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Open Office Base vs. Microsoft Access

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Base is the open source database manager designed to be the free replacement for $499.95 Microsoft Access. By building databases, users can store large amounts of information, put their information in order, and search for information quickly and easily. For example, schools often create databases of students. This allows administrators to view students by searching for their student id, name, grade, or class schedule.

Open Office Base’s features include:

 -- Manages databases large and small -- Integrates seamlessly into the rest of the OpenOffice.org suite -- Stores large data files easily -- Exports data into spreadsheets -- Backwards and forwards compatible with Microsoft Access -- Compatible with multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux and Unix

As one of the best database managers out there, Base allows a wide range of users to control their databases. Base’s exciting features allow the user to easily update and track information in the database and make maintaining a database easy. If you use Microsoft Access then try Base and save yourself almost $500. If you have never used a database manager then now is the time to start with 100% free Base.

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