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Online Shoppers Score On Cyber Monday

For those who dread shopping on Black Friday, today is your day!

Cyber Monday brings online shoppers great deals, so holiday gifts are just a click away.

While Cyber Monday might not be as glamorous as camping outside your local Best Buy, it certainly appeals to the masses that aren’t quite tough enough to handle Black Friday crowds.

Online shoppers get to keep their sanity while they skip the lines, the crowds and the potential violence. Online stores are slashing prices and giving special Cyber Monday markdowns—and online shoppers can take advantage without ever leaving their pajamas.

Major department stores and retailers, as well as online retailers like Amazon.com, are posting Cyber Monday deals throughout the day. Many even offer perks like free shipping, and no sales tax depending on your state.

In 2010, consumers spent $103 billion online on Cyber Monday alone. It was the highest spending day of 2010.

Since Cyber Monday’s birth in 2005, retailers have reported steadily increasing profits on this online shopping holiday. Cyber Monday 2010 was the first time sales broke the $1 billion mark.

And unlike Black Friday, stores won’t close at normal hours. Online stores are open 24 hours, so shoppers can take advantage of Cyber Monday deals until the clock strikes midnight.

For an overview of Cyber Monday deals, visit cybermonday.com.

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