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Apple Offers Black Friday Discounts

Looks like tech-junkies have one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday—Apple has announced a Black Friday sale!

Anyone who fancies Apple products knows that discounts are rare, so make sure to visit the online Apple store for its one-day sale. It is not known if the same deals will be offered at the company’s retail stores as well.

A promotion on the Apple web site touts “iPad, iPod and Mac gifts” to be included in the Black Friday sale. Conspicuously absent from the deals list is Apple’s latest product, the iPhone 4S.

While Apple is being tight-lipped about its seasonal markdowns, details have leaked in the blog world regarding the one-day sale.

Blog 9to5Mac has published some details—modest discounts of $101 on Mac computers, $41-$61 on iPads (depending on storage capacity) and $21-$41 on iPods. A host of Mac accessories, such as keyboards, cases and AirPorts, are also among the products that are being sold in the Black Friday sale.

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