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Songbird Soars To New Heights

If you’ve been searching for a music discovery tool other than iTunes, check out Songbird.

Songbird—part music player, part Web browser—makes listening to music and finding new tunes easy!

The latest version of Songbird has fixed all of the previous version’s basic usage bugs, so this fun app is ready for use for music discovery, management and playback.

Browse, search, and sort through music with ease. Manage your music, sync your library or build playlists in a snap. It’s so simple with Songbird!

Add extensions to make your experience even better. A great one is Songkick, an option that will automatically notify you when your favorite bands are in town. You can even purchase tickets directly though the app.

Synchronize Songbird with your hand held device or mobile phone, such as Android, and get your media to go.

If you’re worried about switching to another music tool after investing so much time with iTunes, Songbird looks and operates in a similar fashion to iTunes. You can load your iTunes music directory through an extension—so all your purchased songs and already organized music doesn’t go to waste!

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