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Tux Suite Part 4: Tux Paint

TuxPaint is the Tux team’s attempt to create a program to foster creativity, art and computer skills in young children—and it is a successful attempt.

The creators of Tux Paint have made the interface of TuxPaint easy to use and simple to navigate—the phrase, “so easy a child could do it,” comes to mind. They have made the colors bright, the brushes easy to use and the special “magic” effects easy to find and play with. TuxPaint also comes with a preloaded set of “starters” which are coloring book like pictures that children can color over and the ability to load new starters.
Possibly the best part of the program is the parental controls. These controls let the parent do things like lock the mouse to the program so that the child does not have access to the rest of the computer and lock the number of open versions of the program so that the child does not go “click crazy” and damage the computer by opening too many copies. The parental controls even allow for parents to change the appearance and function of TuxPaint for younger or older children with abilities, for example by making icons smaller or larger and turning off special effects.

Our children are going to grow up using computers and TuxPaint is not just a great way to get children interested in art, it is a great way to get children used to using computers. Parents and schools around the world are already using TuxPaint to teach children computers and art.

The Tux creators believe that children can benefit from every one of these products and we agree. Math, reading, typing or art, Tux the Penguin can help your children learn in a fun, effective way.
Have fun learning!

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