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Tux Suite: Part 1

If you have children who are ready to learn then we have someone we’d like to introduce you to. Tux the Penguin.

The Tux series of programs, TuxTyping, TuxMath and TuxPaint, are all astoundingly good, adaptable, and professional. Each one is a learning program masquerading as a game—and each game is actually fun. The Tux products have been designed to be useful not to one age range but to appeal to all children through difficulty levels and parental settings that allow these educational games to be useful for almost every child.

Description Ages
TuxTyping Teaches letter recognition and typing for children young and old. 4-14
TuxMath Teaches math from addition and subtraction to multiplication and division and even factorials, factors and algebra. 4-12
TuxPaint Teaches art and lets children be creative in a safe virtual environment. 4-11

Read on to see if one of these programs can help your child.

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