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Controlling Your Computer: Part 2

Here is the first of our high lighted products. At Uberdownloads.com, we want to give our visitors the best control over their computers possible and we believe that this product, like the other four in our series, will totally change the way you use your computer.

Windows Power Tools

Windows Powertools is an easy, simple to use launcher for a collection of six powerful utilities designed to improve your computer and your ability to control and maintain your machine. There are six utilities inside of Windows Powertools, each of which is designed to give you the ability to easily control what is happening inside your computer and to maintain your machine:

    -- Cache2Trash: clear unwanted, temporary files to gain
       space and speed up system performance.
    -- DiskCheck: check the hard disk for errors and resolve
    -- FAT2NTFS: convert your older, less safe and efficient,
       FAT partitions to NTFS partitions.
    -- Kompressor: compress files on your hard drive to
       recover lost system memory and give you more space
       for your files.
    -- ConvertIMG: convert images from and to GIF, JPG, BMP,
       TIF, and PNG formats simultaneously at high speeds.
    -- Defrag: Analyze and Defragment hard drives. Speed up
       your system to reduce the chance of system crashes.

With Windows Windows Powertools, you will have the ability to make your system run better, faster and with more stability.

Stay tuned for more. Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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