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Controlling Your Computer: Part 3

Welcome to our second of four featured programs designed to help you get a better handle on your computer. Here’s a link to Part 1, Part 2, if you missed it. We hope that each of these four programs will improve our viewers’ computer experiences.


Startup Manager

You turn on your computer and you sit there. You wait. You keep waiting because too many programs have to start before your computer will let you touch it. And none of them are even the programs you like, that you use every day, or that you would want to start up with your computer.

What’s going on and, more importantly, how do you make it stop?

Startup Manager is your solution. Startup Manager has two key features that will help you control your computer: The first, is the ability to cut off programs that want to start themselves when you turn on your computer. Every program you run slows your computer down a little. Every extra program on your screen means that when you do finally get to do something your computer will be tired and laggy. Quicktime is great but not everyone needs it to start up every time their computer comes on and then sit there slowing down the machine. The second striking function is Startup Manager’s ability to turn programs on at startup. If you find that every time you start up your computer you have to go for the same three or four programs then wouldn’t it be convenient if they would just start when your computer started?

There you are. Keep your hats on for Part 4 and Part 5 .

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