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Controlling Your Computer: Part 4

This is our third in a series of four products that will help you understand and control your computer’s features without having to become a computer expert.

Oh, and if you missed our other articles in this series, here are a few links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


does exactly what the name promises—it allows you to temporarily change your screen resolution. Resolution is not just a replacement for your display properties’ ability to change your screen’s resolution, it is a semi-permanent change for media display, video games and people who do not have permission to change their resolution in system properties.

By design, Resolution allows you to change your screen size if you do not have access to change it through normal channels but Resolution can also be used in problem solving where it allows a user to change the screen’s resolution without permanently changing the computer’s data.

The key feature is that, when you’re finished with Resolution, it sets your resolution back to normal. If you need to change your resolution to watch a movie or play a video game on your screen then you don’t have to mess around changing it back and forth, just use Resolution and when you’re done put your screen back to normal.

is useful at schools and in the workplace where you need to use the computer but don’t have permission to change the resolution.

Thanks everyone. Enjoy Part 5.

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