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Controlling Your Computer: Part 5

This is it! The last of our four part series high lighting utilities that will help our visitors get control over their computers and help them do more with their machines. Just in case you missed it, here are the other four parts: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, href=’http://www.uberdownloads.com/index.php?id=54′>Part 4.


When you delete a file you expect it to go away.

Would you be surprised to know that it doesn’t?

You know when you use a pencil eraser to erase your work and the impressions from what you wrote are still left on the page? Well the same thing happens when you delete your files from your computer. What you deleted seems to be gone but anyone who knows how to look can find it. Your file isn’t gone; it’s just harder to see. For paper the solution is easy, you get a shredder and any of your important documents—account numbers, passwords, love letters—get turned into much.

Eraser turns your unwanted computer files to mulch. Eraser doesn’t just delete your files it truly erases them and removes any trace of your files on your system.

And don’t think that you don’t need eraser because you don’t have anything to hide. We are all living in a world where security has become a priority. Now, with all of your information online, you can lose yourself to identity thieves and hackers. It only takes one bank statement, one online tax return, one Amazon.com receipt saved on your computer to give a thief access to everything you have.

Eraser will keep your data safe.

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