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Make Your Computer Work for You

That’s it, four easy-to-use programs for controlling and making the most of your computer. Your computer is a tool—your tool—and you should always be able to make your tools do what you want.

We understand that not everyone can be a computer guru and we believe that these four products can help you use your computer like a guru without having to buy a pocket protector. These tools will help you maintain your computer, keep it running at peak efficiency and help you do more with your machine. With these programs you can have your computer behaving in no time:

Windows Power Tools – A collection of six easy-to-use, invaluable utilities that will totally change your understanding of how your computer works. Part 2

Startup Manager – Control the programs that open and run when you start your computer. Part 3

Resolution – Change screen size for movies and games. Part 4

Eraser – Erase sensitive data that identity thieves use to steal from you. Part 5

Good luck with your new products!

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