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Save Your Tunes Part 2

You’ve got your files on your computer. Maybe you’ve downloaded some. Maybe you’ve learned how to extract your music from your CDs in our earlier article here. Some MP3 players, like iPods and iPhones, might not play your songs even though they are music files now. This is because the formats on iPods and iPhones are different from the formats on your computer so you need yet another piece of savvy open source technology to put your music onto your music player, MediaCoder.

MediaCoder is a trascoder, which means it changes the formats of audio and video files. Most media transcoders can deal with just a few file types but MediaCoder is built with widespread coverage in mind and can handle many different file types.

To use MediaCoder :

 - Download and install MediaCoder by clicking the link

 - Once the installation is finished, open MediaCoder
   by clicking  on the icon on your desktop or start

 - MediaCoder will take you to the MediaCoder homepage.
   This is so that MediaCoder can download the latest
   file extensions.

 - Click on “Start MediaCoder Now” at the bottom of the
   webpage to start MediaCoder.

 - You will see MediaCoder on your screen.

 - Upload your music into the program by simply dragging
   it from your computer and dropping it into the left

 - Click on “Extensions” in the menu at the top of the
   screen and select the device you would like to listen
   to your music on (iPod, MP3 player, etc.) from the
   drop down menu.

 - Click “Yes” in the box that appears and a new screen
   will come up showing a picture of your device with a
   square of buttons at the left.

 - Press “Start” and MediaCoder will start transcoding
   your media.

 - The process will take a different amount of time
   depending on the size of your file and the file type,
   but MediaCoder is one of the fastest transcoders

 - That’s it! Your file is ready for your electronic

Once you go over these steps a few times you will see just how easy to use MediaCoder is and this is a good thing. There are not a lot of transcoders out there and anyone who has tried another will quickly see how much faster and more reliable MediaCoder is than the others and that it’s worth learning to use.

Have new fun with all of your old music!

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