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Save Your Tunes Part 1

Music CDs are going the way of 8-tracks and cassette tapes. Very few people have portable CD players any more. Instead, everyone has iPods, iPhones and MP3 players now.

There is a way to turn CDs into music files. It’s called a CD extractor or a ripper. CD rippers extract the files from music CDs and turn them into audio files on a computer. Once the files are on the computer they can be played or uploaded into music devices like any other audio files.

At Uberdownloads.com, we have many different CD rippers, each of them good in their own way see them here, but if you want a CD extractor that is top-of-the-line free ware and easy to use then we suggest CDex.

CDex is a good example of a CD extractor program because CDex has a simple interface designed for the inexperienced, casual user.

To use CDex:

 - Download and install CDex from the link above

 - Click on the CDex icon on your desktop to start

 - Insert a music CD

 - CDex will recognize the CD and show you the songs
   that are on the disk 

 - Just click the icon in the right vertical bar and
   CDex will do the rest

CDex copies music files safely without damage to the CD and quickly saves the files on your CD onto your computer so that you can play your music any time or transfer your favorite CDs onto your music player to take with you.

Have new fun with all of your old music!

Check out our article on moving music from your computer to the more finicky portable devices if you’re still having some trouble. Click here.

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