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How to Make Your Own DVDs

There is a difference between burning a DVD and making your own DVD. When you burn a DVD, you use a program to create a copy of the DVD but, often, this copy won’t play in a DVD player. If you want a DVD that will play in a DVD player then you need a program that will allow you to make your own DVDs.

When you put a DVD in your DVD player you see a menu with commands like “Play,” “Chapters” and “Features.” That’s how your DVD player is designed to work and that is why a DVD with a movie burned onto it with a normal DVD burning program won’t play—it doesn’t have a menu.

There are a few programs out there that will allow you to create your own DVDs to play in your DVD player, but DVD Styler is one of the best. We suggest DVD Styler as your solution for making your own DVDs because it is easy to use, effective and fun.

DVD Styler allows you to create DVDs with menus and burn your movies onto a fully playable DVD. From home movies to personal projects, DVD Styler will allow you to store and show others your movies.

DVD Styler supports several ways to customize your DVD:

 • Upload your own image to use as the menu background
 • Choose your button commands such as “Play”, "Chapters”
   and “Features”
 • Customize your buttons
 • Upload your own movies!

Using DVD Styler is simple and in just a dozen simple steps you can have your own playable DVD:

 - Download DVD Styler.
 - Follow the simple installation instructions.
 - Click on the DVD Styler icon when the installation
   is finished. The icon will appear on your desktop
   and in your programs.
 - Select Directories from the vertical buttons on the
   left to begin selecting your video.
 - A menu with your computer's directory will open.
   Select your video from your computer's directory.
   The two most common places to find videos are on
   your desktop and in your My Documents folder.
 - Select Background from the vertical button menu to
   select your menu background. This background will be
   what people first see when they insert your DVD into
   a DVD Player.
 - Select Buttons from the vertical menu to choose your
   buttons from a list of icons. You will probably want at
   least a "Play" button to start your video.
 - Right click your button and select Properties.
 - Link your buttons to your video by selecting your video
   from the list of directories at the top Properties screen.
 - Right click on the screen and select Add then Text to
   label your buttons and title your DVD.
 - Now just click the gear at the top of the screen to
   burn your DVD.
 - Once the burning process is complete you have your
   very own copy of your video!

With DVD Styler, just as people once kept their home movies on video cassette and popped them into the VCR you can now create your own DVDs that will play in your DVD player.

Try out DVD Styler and see if making your own DVDs is for you.

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