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HealthMonitor 3.1 is available

If you’ve come to our site looking for tools to work on your system’s health, then it’s your lucky day because we’ve just released HeathMonitor a freeware system health monitoring tool.

HealthMonitor watches over your computer and watches for the telltale signs of an upcoming system crash or slowdown. When HealthMonitor sees a problem it alerts on screen but also by sending a text message or an email to warn you no matter where you are.

By constantly monitoring your system, HealthMonitor can alert you to potential problems before they harm your computer but HealthMonitor also contains ten utilities to check your computer for problems instantly and tell you if anything is wrong with your system when you install the program.

Give HealthMonitor a try and see how your computer stacks up right now. Remember freeware means you can try our products without obligation.

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