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How to Control Your Computer’s Startup: Startup Manager

Do you turn your computer on and then have to sit and wait while program after program loads and slows down your system? Is your screen filled with programs you don’t use as soon as you turn your computer on? Did you know that each program that starts up on your computer eats up a little bit of its memory and slows it down?

What’s going on and, more importantly, how do you make it stop?

Startup Manager is your solution.

Startup Manager has the ability to cut off programs that want to start themselves when you turn on your computer. Quicktime and AIM are great but not everyone needs them to start up every time their computer comes on and then sit there slowing down the machine. Startup Manager allows you to select which programs will start with your computer.

This feature is especially useful because every program you run slows your computer down a little and every extra program on your screen means that when you do finally get to do something your computer will be tired and laggy.

With Startup Manager your computer starts right up and maintains its speed as you use it.

But what if you actually want your programs to start up with your computer?

Startup Manager lets you select the programs you don’t want and leaves the programs you do want to start up automatically. If the programs you need already starts with your computer, then Startup Manager doesn’t mess with them at all.

If you have programs that don’t start with your computer but you would like them too, then Startup Manager has the answer for that too. Startup Manager has the ability to turn programs on at startup as well as turn them off. If you find that every time you start up your computer you have to go for the same three or four programs then wouldn’t it be convenient if they would just start when your computer started?

Startup Manager can do that for you.

The real reason to like Startup Manager is that it gives you more control over your computer. After all, it’s your computer so why shouldn’t you decide which programs run when it starts?

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