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How do I open a .ZIP file?

Quick answer – use a free “unzipping” program to open your zip file. We recommend 7-zip, and you can “download it here”

This is a situation that we’ve all experienced:

A friend or coworker sends a document over and tells you to read it. You look at the file, but it doesn’t have the usual “.DOC” name; instead it is a “.ZIP” file. All sorts of questions may run through your mind:

* What do you do now?
* Why do you have a .ZIP file?
* What is a .ZIP file?
* How do you open a .ZIP file?

.ZIP files may be confusing, but it is one of the great technologies that helped the internet grow to the size it is today. In this blog article, I will explain what a .ZIP file is and how you can “open” it to reveal the real files inside.

*What is a .ZIP file?*

You can think of a .ZIP file as sort of a digital zip-lock bag. You put other files into your zip file, then zip it up! But the .ZIP file has 1 huge benefit over a regular zip-lock bag; anything you put inside a zip file becomes smaller.

Imagine putting your sandwich inside a zip-lock bag, and it becomes the size of a credit card. Then when you open your ziplock bag, the sandwich becomes full size again with no signs of being squished. That is exactly what happens to your digital files when you put it inside a zip file.

*Why do I have a .ZIP file in the first place?*

You have a zip file because it is often quicker and easier to send or download 1 single .ZIP file that contains all the files you want, instead of sending a huge list of files separately.

Since .ZIP files are smaller than the sum of all the files it contains, you can download them faster. .ZIP files save you time and disk space.

*So how do I open a .ZIP file?*

In order to open a .ZIP file, you need a program that “unzips” the .ZIP file. There are many programs (free and not) that can help you do this. Some of these include Winzip, PKZIP and WinRaR.

We recommend you use a program named 7-Zip. This is a free, open source program that will allow you to open your zip files. You can download 7-zip here.

Download and install 7-zip. After the installation is done, you should be able to double-click on your .ZIP file. 7-Zip will open your .ZIP file and you will be able to see all the files that are inside.

Once you have your .ZIP file open, you need to “extract” the files to your computer. All you have to do is click “Extract”.

7-Zip will then ask you where on your computer you’d like to put the files inside the .ZIP file. Choose a location, click OK, and you’re done!

Congratulations, you’ve just opened a .ZIP file; it’s that easy. We’ve now gone over what a .ZIP file is, why .ZIP files exist, and how to open .ZIP files.

7-Zip’s features don’t just end there though. You can create .ZIP files. open .RAR files, Encrypt .ZIP files and more! We’ll explore these features in-depth in the future.

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