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How to ftp a file? How is that different/better than emailing a file?

How to upload files using Filezilla:

1st Step:
Before you can upload anything to the FTP server, you need to configure your Filezilla first. Open “Site Manager” of Filezilla, input the FTP server hostname, username of your FTP account, password for this account and the directory you want to place your files. After all is done, don’t forget to give your setting a memorable name if you have multiple FTP servers. For example, Naming it to ‘[email protected]’ is more helpful than leaving the name as default “New Site”.

2nd Step:
You need to connect to your FTP server before you can actually do anything. How to connect? If you have already finished the configuration of your new site, it would be very simple. Drop down the menu of “Site Manager”, find your site name just added and click it. If your configuration is correct and the remote server is up, you will see the directories and files showing up in the window of “Remote site” which means you connected to the FTP server successfully.

3rd Step:
Uploading your files is as easy as “Drag and Drop”. Drag whatever you want to upload in the “Local site” window and drop it to the “Remote site” window. Very easy, isn’t it?

How is the difference/better than emailing a file?
1. File Size Limit: FTP beats Email
If you send a file via email, usually there is a maximum size for your attachment that you can’t exceed. Otherwise the email will be just rejected by the server. But there is no such limit if you upload files using ftp. It is just like you can’t send 10 lbs document in your first-class envelope because it exceeds the maximum weight allowed by the post office.

2. Transmission Speed: FTP beats Email
Because FTP is designed for transferring large files on the internet, it is more efficient in moving your big chunk of data from your local driver to the FTP server. Think about the difference between a Mustang VS a scooter. It won’t surprise you that A Mustang runs much faster than a scooter because Mustang is designed as a sports car. It is similar if you compare sending large files via Email with via FTP.

3. Software Requirement: Email beats FTP
In order to send files via FTP, you will need a remote FTP server hosting the FTP service. But it doesn’t require extra software or services if you do it via email, because as long as the sender and the receivers all have access to email, it should work.

4. Number of recipient: FTP beats Email
If you want to share some file with 100+ people, sending email may not be a good idea. First of all you don’t want to copy and paste 100+ email addresses to your email. Even if you have a group email address which could save you from the tedious robotic labor, you will run into another problem: In most modern email provider’s perspective, your sending emails with file attachment to 100+ people at one time is spamming, your email will be blocked. Failure! FTP is apparently a better choice in such situation. You only need to upload the file into the server and ask your receivers to download it.

So, which one should you choose when you want to send a file? It depends on all the factors above. And the major factors are the size of the file and the number of the receivers. If you only need to send a small file to a couple of receivers, just drop an email with the file attached. If you want to share a 500M file with dozens of co-workers, you probably need a FTP server.

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