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Facebook Gifts Goes Mobile

After acquiring Karma back in May 2012, Facebook is turning this acquisition to boost e-commerce through the re-launching of the Facebook Gifts platform.

This platform existed years ago, but it only dealt with virtual trinkets. Now, the revamped platform lets users buy and send real gifts straight to their friend’s doorstep using their mobile phone.

However, there’s a catch. Only select users who are in for the initial test for Facebook Gifts will be able to see it on their mobile apps–for now. While the rest of the world may have to wait for an indefinite time as to when they will be able to use this service.

With the tagline, “Celebrate birthdays, new jobs, and other big moments”, Facebook undoubtedly taps on the human nature of feeling compelled to send friends gifts for important life events such as birthdays or job promotion perhaps.

While the desktop interface poses no problem in terms of knowing who’s celebrating his/her birthday or any important life events for that matter, it is only now that these events and birthdays are unearthed and displayed prominently on mobile apps.

Both Android and iOS select users can see birthday notifications displayed on top of the user’s news feed. While both OS let users receive gifts, only those that use Android will be able to send gifts to their friends for the time being.

They can click the Gift link beside the event/birthday announcement. It is quite odd (and the element of surprise beaten) that the recipient can actually tweak the order such as he/she can change flavor, size, color and any other properties applicable to the type of gift.

These alerts, mingling with the rest of the news feeds, will ensure that you do not miss an important event or birthday, while compelling you to spend some bucks to buy your friend a gift. It seems that posting a birthday greeting or liking your friend’s post when he/she gets a job is not enough after all.

Well, of course, this is all about Facebook tapping on ways to increase their revenues. Now having one billion users, Facebook recognizes that a big chunk of these users favor accessing the app by mobile means.

This new platform does not force you to buy a gift, but with the notifications prominently displayed on your app, it may as well be successful in persuading you to buy one, just like the old-style casual gift-giving.