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An E-Reader For Only $13?

Yes, you read that right. An e-reader that costs only $13.

As long as you’re fine with it not having WiFi, a built-in rechargeable battery, or touchscreen controls, then the German e-reader, Beagle, might be perfect for you.

Berlin-based startup company Txtr is introducing the Beagle, an e-book reader with an estimated cost of 9.90 euros, or just around $13.

Clocking in at 5mm thick at its slimmest point and weighing 128 grams, the Txtr Beagle is being billed as the world’s smallest e-reader.

The screen, although not touchscreen, is a 5-inch E Ink display and with 800 x 600 pixelr resolution is great for reading even under the glare of sunlight.

Internal memory is 4GB, and the Beagle supports .pdf and .epub book formats, aside from other formats on popular smartphone OS platforms.

“The Txtr Beagle is designed to do best what e-readers are intended for: reading digital books,” the company’s website announced.

Because it does not have WiFi or other networking capabilities of its own, transferring books to the Beagle is done via Bluetooth. Book files will have to be transferred from your smartphone or Android device.

The device requires two AAA batteries which should last for 12 to 15 books for an average reader. According to the company, the lack of many features in the e-reader makes battery life last longer.

The Beagle will be pitted head-to-head versus Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which at $119 has proven to be a popular and more affordable choice. This October, Apple is also rumored to be launching the iPad mini, a smaller and cheaper version of its iPad tablets.

Txtr is currently in talks with AT&T and Sprint as it looks for carrier partners who can subsidize the e-reader like a mobile phone.

Thomas Leliveld, chief commercial officer of Txtr, said in a press release: “So far network operators have not actively marketed eReading. In our view, this is because of the lack of a suitable device, which matches the crucial conditions relevant to the operator business model.”