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Need To Know A Bacon Number? Google It!

Now there’s a much easier way for you and your buddies to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon—courtesy of Google.

Google launched over the summer its intelligent and contextual search, the Knowledge Graph, with the aim of making users’ search results and browsing more in-depth and powerpacked with information.

You may have noticed the changes already: when you type a query on Google, new lists and panels appear, including images, related trivia, and a “Wikipedia-like” stream of information.

It’s the search engine giant’s way of further enhancing our Web surfing and searching experience.

Given that billions of facts and data are already available within Google, it was just a matter of time before engineers began mapping out a way to make the search process a little more intelligent, or try to anticipate what else we may be interested in aside from what we actually typed in the Search field.

But Knowledge Graph became more popular when Matt Cutts from Google sent out a tweet about the “Bacon number” Easter egg. It calculateshow Hollywood stars and celebrities are connected to Bacon, eliminating the need for you and your friends to figure it out over drinks at the bar.

“We like to provide answers to questions that are popular and fun — and, in some cases, useful to those who really need it,” said Yossi Matias, Google engineering director. Because obviously, we really need to know Paula Abdul’s Bacon number (by the way, it’s 2).

So what did the actor himself think of all this?

“What am I… zero!”, Bacon tweeted. “I guess in my heart of hearts I kinda knew I was a ZERO.”

Google’s Matias added, “While this is fun, this is also an illustration for what can be be derived by building this structure and starting to learn about the world.”

Who knows, maybe we’ll live to see the day when Google will tell us our personal Bacon numbers as well.