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5 Must-Play iPhone Games

If you named the top iPhone games you play, what would make the list?

Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Draw Something or Words With Friends would probably make everybody’s list. While there’s nothing wrong with those games, it can be limiting after a while.

The mobile landscape is teeming with varied, beautiful and inventive games just waiting for someone to play them. The best part? Most of these games are available in cheap—or sometimes free—packages.

From brain-busting puzzles to zombie-killing fun, check out these 5 iPhone games today!

  • Puzzle Juice: Are you a big fan of Tetris, Bejeweled, and word searches? What if you combined all 3 of those games into one? That’s what Puzzle Juice is all about! Puzzle Juice combines all 3 awesome games for 1 challenging—yet entertaining—classic puzzle game.  Available on iTunes for USD $0.99.
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Speculation about the zombie apocalypse is rampant—but who would’ve thought backyard plants could save humanity? Plants vs. Zombies is a fun-for-all-ages strategy defense game where you need to harness sunlight to grow these vicious (but saving) plants. Available on iTunes for USD $2.99
  • You Don’t Know Jack: Jack is back! You Don’t Know Jack was pretty big in the ‘90s, and not much has changed with the trivia format game since then. Quick-hitting multiple choice pop culture trivia is delivered via TV game show format, and the narrator adds color commentary and jokes as always. Available on iTunes for USD $2.99
  • Beat Sneak Bandit: Warning: May not be suitable for the rhythmically challenged. Beat Sneak Bandit is a platform game that requires rhythm-tapping to move you bandit stealthily around a mansion, hunting for clocks while avoiding security. Available on iTunes for USD $2.99
  • Triple Town: Consider it a greener, simpler version of SimCity. Triple Town’s task is simple—populated a town by matching up grass, trees, and buildings while contending with limited space issues and nature. Available free on iTunes, but in-game purchases can help you get an edge.