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Zynga Acquires OMGPOP, Draw Something

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Zygna appears to be doing just that in their latest acquisition of OMGPOP.

The final purchase amount of the popular gaming startup is undisclosed, but estimates circle around $200 million.

Who is OMGPOP? Well, until about 6 weeks ago, they were somewhat unknown.

And then Draw Something happened.

Draw Something is the runaway game with friends that is akin to Pictionary. The smash hit has garnered 35 million downloads in 6 week.

It even passed Zynga’s Words With Friends game as the most popular game on Facebook by daily active users.

So that left Zynga with 2 options—create a drawing game to compete, or lend their expertise to those who might want it.

Luckily for Zynga, the 40-person OMGPOP decided to hand over the reins. How this move will affect the future of both Draw Something and OMGPOP remains to be seen …