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Angry Birds Space: A New Fling

The Angry Birds are exploring space: the final frontier.

In Rovio’s latest installment, our fowl friends are boldy going where no bird has gone before.

Angry Birds Space promises to bring new challenges and fun to users, and rekindle the fling for those who might have grown tired of the fowl-flinging formula.

Angry Birds Space puts a new spin on things with gravity-oriented physics.

Instead of flinging birds in one direction, an Angry Bird might curve around a moon or get caught in orbit. Other times, you’ll need to fling a bird below a target, or even left instead of right.

Angry Birds Space has 60 levels of fowl fun, and even throws in a few surprises along the way.

One surprise is the “golden eggsteroid”—if you hit the asteroid mid-level, users will travel through a wormhole and into a separate mini-game. Mini-games include more pig-alien smashing challenges, including a parody of Space Invaders.

Angry Birds Space is now available for Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. The HD version is USD $2.99, while the non-HD version costs USD $0.99. Of course, there is always the ad-supported version available for free.