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Google Play Goes Live

Google’s content portal for Android apps, music, books and video content has been consolidated under a new name—Google Play.

Google Play is now live at play.google.com and will be a one-stop-shop that will replace the old Android Market, Google Music, Google Books and Videos.

Despite the new branding, how you buy music, apps and other content from Google on your phone or tablet will not change.

Google Play also brings a touch of social networking to the content portal. Through Google Play, you can tell friends what you’ve purchased, see what your friends are buying, and share music, books, movies, and more!

To celebrate the unveiling of Google Play, Android put 25 leadings app on sale for USD $0.49. The 49-cent apps include top-tier games and programs like World of Goo, Osmos HD, Dead Space and SwiftKey X.

Google Play has also revealed the new daily feature “Play of the Day”, where one app is just USD $0.25!

Android users with the old Android Market app installed will receive the update to Google Play Store. Look out for updates from your phone or tablet when you launch your Android Market app.