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Zynga Launches Own Gaming Portal

Zynga appears to be cutting ties from Facebook with 2 major changes they announced on March 1.

First, Zynga  launched its own games portal—Zynga.com—where players can play Zynga games directly, rather than through the Facebook platform.

Zynga.com will support five games—CastleVille, CityVille, Hidden Chronicles, Words With Friends, and Zynga Poker.

The portal will also have game-focused social network functions, and allow users to play against people not in the Facebook networks.

Second, Zynga is opening up its platform—Row Sham Bow and MobScience will be rolling out games on Zynga.com.

Later, Zynga will open up to independent developers, providing a version of the software development kit Zynga uses internally.

These 2 moves give Zynga the gaming company room for growth and maneuverability within the industry. But, it’s not quite cutting its ties with Facebook—the social network giant that Zynga has had a tight symbiotic relationship with thus far.

Zynga bills their gaming portal as a “superset” of Facebook—where you can interact with you Facebook friends network, while also playing against those not in your friends network.

In order to access the Zynga.com gaming portal, users will need to use their Facebook ID. Also, in-game purchases will still be made using Facebook credits, and Zynga’s fee to Facebook for those credits will be unchanged.

Zynga also hopes to promote synchronous play through their gaming portal. This is a departure from the asynchronous play that takes place now, mostly through Facebook.

For example, if you’re a 25-year old who tends to play between 6pm and midnight (presumably when you are not at work), you will be matched to play with others of a similar status.

The gaming-focused portal is a great draw, especially for those who are committed Zynga players. Zynga.com promises focused, uninterrupted gaming experience where players can chat and see game related activities without pause.