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Amazon Expands Instant Video Library

Look out Netflix—Amazon Prime Instant Videos is the new kid on the streaming block!

With all the hoo-haw that the Netflix price change caused last year, there’s been a lot of talk about who could replace the video and streaming giant. Amazon Prime Instant Videos might just have the answer.

Amazon’s recent addition of Viacom shows to their streaming service brings their Prime Instant Videos library to 15,000 titles.

While this is a minor ding to Netflix’s, it certainly does give them something to think about.

The addition of Viacom shows would mean that Amazon Prime members would be able to access Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and BET shows.

While Netflix’s stock of TV shows is formidable, Amazon’s offerings will be different than what Netflix has to offer.

Also, Amazon appears to be closing the gap with Netflix and adding titles at a much faster rate at this point in the service’s development than Netflix did at an equivalent period.

Amazon has also already obtained shows from Fox, Disney, Warner Bros., and CBS.

Netflix stands firm that both Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus’s offering is a mere fraction of their content. But what it does show people is that there are other options outside of the Netflix giant.