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Apple Hits A Bullseye With Ministores

Shopping at Target is about to get even better. Apple announced its plans to open “ministores” in 25 Target locations this year.

The Apple ministores are just the latest in a series of “stores within stores”, a concept that is gaining popularity in the retail space.

Along with the Apple ministores, Target also plans to open a series of small boutique shops called The Shops at Target in May. The shops will initially be smaller, local stores, featuring their products and products exclusively for Target to be sold in 6-week increments.

While Apple already has ministores in Best Buy locations, adding the ministores to Target locations will allow Apple products to be accessible to those not shopping only for electronics.

Target currently sells Apple products—iPads and iPods—but the ministores will add the sale of Mac computers and laptops.

The addition of the Apple brand could also boost the Target brand, adding a high-end retailer into the fold of affordable, chic products. Target shoppers could now be equated to Apple product users, which can be seen as a somewhat exclusive club.

It is unclear whether the features of normal Apple stores will be integrated into the Target plan. Will Target have a series of hands-on displays that allow users to take each product for a test-drive? Will a Genius Bar be available for customer service? These are just some of the questions that remain unanswered.

One thing is certain, however—Target’s popularity (and perhaps stock) is about to go through the roof.