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Android Market Hits 400,000 Apps

Google’s Android Market hits another important milestone.

The mobile application marketplace now has over 400,000 apps available for download. Of those applications, nearly two-thirds—or 68%—of those apps are free.

400,000 apps is tremendous growth for the 3-year-old marketplace. Google announced that the Android market hit 300,000 apps in September, just 4 months ago.

At this growth rate, Google estimates that it could hit the 500,000 app mark sometime as early as May 2012, giving Apple’s App store a run for their money.

However, it remains to be seen if Google Android Marketplace can in fact catch up to Apple’s App store—it took Google 2 months longer to achieve the milestone in comparison to Apple.

Regardless of Apple, Google’s Android Market has achieved an accomplishment that few others thought could be possible. Android users have undoubtedly taken a good market share away from Apple.

Google’s Android Market also hit another milestone last month, announcing that over 10 billion apps had been downloaded. Google celebrated by having a USD $0.10 app sale for 10 days.