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Facebook Timeline Has Arrived

The much-anticipated Facebook Timeline is now available to all of the social networking site’s members.

Facebook’s new Timeline profiles were introduced 3 months ago at the company’s annual conference, but was limited to a select group in its initial release.

Now the site’s 800 million users have access to Facebook Timeline—if they decide to activate it. Soon, Facebook will turn on Timeline for everybody who didn’t already activate the feature with an alert at the top of their profile.

What is Facebook Timeline? Think of it as a “digital scrapbook” of all your Facebook activity since birth. (Yes, birth!)

Of course, you didn’t come out of the womb with a Facebook account. But Timeline does highlight important events—such as births, anniversaries and other life milestones—that you have added to your profile.

And, if you’ve ever wondered “What was I thinking on this day in 2006?”, Timeline can answer that question for you. On the right, a year-by-year navigation allows visitors to your profile to easily skip to certain months or years to view what was happening at that time.

Perhaps the most striking new feature of Facebook Timeline is the addition of the “Cover photo”, a large screen-wide photo that appears at the top of each Timeline profile.

These cover photos give a chance of creativity and customization that wasn’t always available before. Check out some innovative Timeline designs.

Facebook says that the idea behind Timeline is to chronicle someone’s life and its major events over many years instead of the social network’s current profile pages, which tend to emphasize the here and now.

Inevitably, users will put up all kinds of fuss over the recent changes. But overall, the Timeline does a great job of getting users excited about using Facebook again. The customization of their profile is likened to building their profile when they first joined.

What challenges and effects it will have on social media has yet to be seen, however. With the present less prominent in Timeline, one has to wonder if viral videos and social media will have the same oomph they once did.

What do you think—has Facebook Timeline changed the social media game?